Textmaxx Pro is a robust texting suite that allows you to do everything from reminders to two-way texting to marketing messages via SMS text.  Our product is recognized as one of the best in the industry and is applicable for any size business.  Whether you send 100 or 100,000 texts per day, Textmaxx Pro is your best solution.

We also offer enhanced features such as:

two way texting


This feature will allow you to quickly send a text message (SMS) to initiate a conversation, answer a question, follow up for more info from customers or prospects, etc. Your discussion thread will be captured in a chat box similar to the look and feel of a smart device. In addition, you can schedule a payment or appointment reminder to be sent to your customers.

pay by text


We are the only texting solution to offer our trademark Text2Pay solution.  If you accept payment for products we allow a consumer to enroll in a payment solution through one of our integrated partners.  Once enrolled the consumer can initiate payment through a simple and secure texting process.  Our data shows 98% of these texts get a response within one hour.  If you take recurring payments for a product or service this helps you collect money faster and more efficiently while providing your consumers with yet another means of payment.

table is ready

Eliminate those nasty buzzing bricks that tell you your table is ready in a restaurant environment.  Using our product you can text your customer, provided they give you their number, when their table is ready.  You can also build a robust database for marketing of customers that visit you so that you can send special offering via SMS texting.  The opt-in process takes less then five seconds, the long-term benefits are phenomenal.