Textmaxx Pro Launches 3.0 API

Textmaxx Pro Launches 3.0 API

Textmaxx Pro Launches Latest Texting Engine with Universal Integrations for Improved Customer Experience for Dealer Management Systems

Textmaxx Pro, a nationwide provider for SMS and MMS text-to-landline service for businesses, launches its latest texting engine, Textmaxx Pro 3.0, with universal integrations for Dealer Management Systems.  The integration includes all of Textmaxx Pro’s award winning features currently available to its clients.

“As Dealer Managements Systems look to be more inclusive, adding a dynamic communications platform to their software provides outstanding value and increases customer retention,” said Chris Leedom, President and CEO, Textmaxx Pro. “Integrating with Textmaxx Pro will give any dealership a competitive edge in their industry.”

Textmaxx Pro 3.0 can seamlessly integrate into any Dealer Management System, allowing users to quickly communicate with customers in a more effective and engaging way than by phone or email. Through the use of our mobile app, both sales and service employees can access Textmaxx Pro for a variety of functions designed to deliver a better customer experience, increase sales, and sale time .

“The auto industry has the most to gain in text-enabling their landline,” said Paul Johnson, Director of Sales and Operations, Textmaxx Pro. “It greatly improves the customer experience and gives the user confidence that they are connecting with interested buyers.”

The launch of Textmaxx Pro 3.0 follows a series of exciting innovations to Textmaxx Pro’s software, including an updated user experience in the Textmaxx Pro web portal and mobile application, and the launch of the EasyConnect feature.  This groundbreaking technology allows users to send and receive text communications through their Outlook and other email platforms.

Textmaxx Pro

Across multiple platforms including web and mobile, Textmaxx Pro’s cloud-based messaging solution connects businesses to customers using the same local and toll-free numbers that customers are familiar with and otherwise can only call. Using a TCPA-compliant, personalized, automated communications suite, Textmaxx Pro reaches today’s customer exactly how they want:  real-time, via text message, instantly to their mobile phone. Textmaxx Pro is a division of Leedom Group, for more information call (866) 367-6889 or visit www.textmaxxpro.com.

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Let Your Customers Know to Text You

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Let Your Customers Know to Text You

We have found our clients are very enthusiastically text-enable their landline with Textmaxx Pro and quickly opt in their current customers. But what happens to all their new and perspective customers? How will they know they can text your business?

We have put together six sure fire tips that will let everyone your business communicates with know that their texts will be received and answered.

Google is making it easy for you to communicate with your customers via text with their text extension available both through their Google Local business listing and Adwords campaigns. With one click, a key prospect or customer can text your business.

Check out our blog on how to set up the message extension feature on your Google profiles and Adwords campaigns.

Your website is the first place most consumers engage with your business. Let them know you are welcoming and easy to contact with “Call or Text” and your phone number at the top of your web page where people can instantly tap to call or text your business.

Keep the “Call or Text” verbiage through your website and place special significance to it on your contact page. See an example below:



Email/Business Cards:

Once you have had that initial contact with a prospective customer or client, keep them engaged by being accessible to them via phone, email and text. By adding “Call or Text” to your business card and email signature you are showing them you value their business and are ready to connect with them in the way they prefer.

Social Media: Facebook/Twitter
Similar to your website, Facebook and Twitter offer a space at the top of your business pages where you can place a timeline or cover banner in addition to your profile logo/photo. This location is an ideal place to promote your “Call or Text” plus phone number feature. It is also a great place to promote your keyword to your text-enabled number to entice customers to opt in to two-way texting with your business.

Check out our blog explaining all mysteries behind keywords here:

Also, adding a “Call or Text” call-to-action message at the end of certain posts will increase responses from your customers and clients. See an example below:



As you are marketing your business to prospective clients and customers, remember to include “Call or Text” or promote your keyword with text-enabled phone number as part of your advertising campaigns placed on local radio, TV, print magazines/newspapers and in direct mail. See an example below:

Marketing and Sales Email Blasts:

Your marketing department is pushing emails out every week with sales and specials – why are you only using click-thru links, landing pages and forms to track their success. Start the conversation instantly by including “Call or Text” with your phone number, or a text in keyword to your text-enabled phone number the top and the bottom of the email.

Pro Tip: type the your phone number into the email vs inserting a linkable image, so mobile phones can click to directly to call or message your business.


Questions? Are you looking for more marketing assistance? Email lindsey@textmaxxpro.com with any questions. To learn more about our managed services programs email Dave Leedom at dave@textmaxxpro.com.

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