A Text Marketer’s Guide to Abbreviations

A Text Marketer’s Guide to Abbreviations

Abbreviations are a common part of languages around the world. They save time and space, and they often provide a perfect response to a situation when you’re simply at a loss for words. The kids all do it, too, which is why your professional text message marketing company, Textmaxx Pro is here today to talk about abbreviations in text messages, and why you should be using them. So before you start showboating your lolz and omgs, take a page from this book on text message marketing.

Text message marketing is an extraordinary new way to captivate an audience; the open rate for an SMS message is actually 99%, which is why it’s easy to see how this is the communication method of choice for restaurants and retailers alike. Texting has limits — up to 160 characters can be sent in a message, and that includes hyperlinks, phone numbers and emojis. So it makes sense to send messages that are concise. Even more importantly, TCPA compliant opt out language is also included in that 160 characters when a business is texting a client/customer, so brevity is truly the soul of text.



Use Common Text Abbreviations

If you’re new to texting, you might not know that there are common abbreviations that users can send to you to indicate their level of interest or participation. The most highly common ones are HELP, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, and END, and are regulated by the Cellular Telephone Industries Association as meaning the same thing no matter the subscription or carrier, and they enable the user to ask for help or end the service immediately. 

That sounds a bit drastic. So why are we talking about using text abbreviations at all? Using standard text abbreviations simplifies your user’s experience. If you’re interested in trying some out, here are the latest & greatest general text messaging abbreviations:

Subscribe = SUB

Sign-up = SUP

Register = REG

Join = JN

Sign me up = SMP

Hello = HO

More information = MI

Enroll = EN

Help = HP

Stop = ST

Unsubscribe = UNSUB

Question = Q

Continue = CON

Additional information = AI

Alert = AT

More = ME

Win = WIN

Winner = WNR

Start = ST

That’s an easy to reference guide for all of your text message abbreviations!

Time to Strategize

It’s important that you outline the strategy your business will use for text message marketing. Some important considerations:

  • The language that you use with friends, on social media, and in chats is completely different from the language that you will want to use for your business. Remember that you are addressing a large audience.
  • Speaking of which, that audience may prefer a language other than English. If a substantial proportion of your population is Spanish-speaking, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on those Spanish text messaging abbreviations and terms.
  • Additionally, consider whether or not you want to or are potentially engaging an international audience, as many luxury brands use French texting abbreviations and slang

As Twitter has become ubiquitous with text message users for all things short and tweet, it’s important to consider those abbreviations as well.

Twitter Text Abbreviations

Modified tweet = MT

Retweet = RT

Direct message = DM

Partial retweet = PR

Hat tip = HT

Carbon copy = CC

In my humble opinion = IMHO

Overheard = OH

Real-life retweet (a close cousin to OH) = RLRT

No big deal = NBD

Shaking my head = SMH

I don’t know = IDK

In real life = IRL

Not safe for work = NSFW

Safe for work = SFW

In real life = IRL

Not safe for work = NSFW

Safe for work = SFW

For what it’s worth = FWIW

Quote of the day = QOTD

Laughing my ass off = LMAO

Headline of the day = HOTD

For the win = FTW

By the way = BTW

Bye for now = BFN

As far as I know = AFAIK

Laugh out loud = LOL

Thank you = TY

You’re welcome = YW

The user is sending this post to Facebook = #FB

The user is sending this post to LinkedIn = #LI

Follow Friday (these are people you should follow) = #FF

As always, with anything you might send out into the wide world, it never hurts to have someone double-check your work for spelling or grammatical errors you might be able to otherwise avoid. FWIW, we know these platforms and systems can seem overwhelming, which is why Textmaxx Pro can manage all of this for you. We’re always happy to help, so contact us today!

Textmaxx Pro Nationally Recognized for Technology Innovation

Textmaxx Pro Nationally Recognized for Technology Innovation

SARASOTA, Fla – Textmaxx Pro, a national technology firm that provides business texting solutions headquarted here, was recognized as a “leading technology innovator” and featured in “Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne”, a nationally distributed television series.

Behind the Scenes airs on cable networks and PBS affiliates and spotlights leading business innovators in various industries. Textmaxx Pro was selected for its innovative people, products, and services that provide businesses a platform for text communications with customers, prospects, and employees.

“Everyone on our team is honored by Behind the Scenes showcasing our company on an upcoming July segment,” said Chris Leedom, CEO of Textmaxx Pro. “We have worked hard to make our product a leading business texting solution and this was an honor and a reward to our team for their focus and success. This recognition speaks to the power and importance of business texting.”

Leedom and the Textmaxx Pro executive team worked with Behind the Scenes during a four-month vetting process to be featured on the program. This is not the first national recognition for the company. The growing technology company earned Digital Dealer 26’s Tech Tank Award in Orlando, Fla., in the spring of 2019. The Tech Tank competition pitted Textmaxx Pro products and services against five other technology-based firms.
“Our goal is to continue to provide the best business texting solution for any small, medium, or large business that wants to effectively communicate with its customers while maintaining compliance with federal regulations. A constantly updated, fully compliant platform is what sets us apart from our competitors,” Leedom said.

The full Behind the Scenes segment can be viewed by visiting https://textmaxxpro.com/behind-the-scenes/. For more information about Textmaxx Pro texting solutions visit textmaxxpro.com or text BTS to 95000.

About Textmaxx Pro

Textmaxx Pro is a national firm based in Sarasota, Fla, and provides businesses with an automated, compliant, easy-to-use, web-based, text messaging solution that enables them to reach their clients and prospects via text. It provides a full-service platform that is easily integrated into any CRM or other software application and is fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Craig Campise, Chief Revenue Officer


5250 17th Street, Suite 115
Sarasota, FL 34235
EMAIL: craig@textmaxxpro.com

COVID-19 Spike Means Putting to Use What We’ve Just Learned

COVID-19 Spike Means Putting to Use What We’ve Just Learned

Those in automotive retailing know that COVID-19 shut off sales and service business like someone turned off the spigot to a garden hose. Gone were drive-ups and walk-ins, and there was a dramatic rise in online inquiries and phone calls. Most were to simply ask if the dealership was open, while others needed a vehicle and service and were willing to come out of their safe harbor to buy a new or used vehicle or get needed service work performed on their vehicle. These were red hot leads, and needed immediate follow-up and a process in place to address their safety and security concerns.

As a surge in new cases has occurred across the country, now is the time to put into full use those things we learned during the height of the state-wide shutdowns, just a couple of short months ago.

Conduct outbound call and text campaigns to existing customers, and especially those customers who are due for their first service appointment. Dealers that don’t make it convenient and safe for customers and prospects to purchase a vehicle or to get service at your dealership, they will go somewhere that does. With just a click on a link or a quick text message, they can alert a well-trained team member to follow-up with customers and prospects in real time.

We know texting is the most powerful communication tool in use today. Survey after survey from prominent, third-party researchers have found that 90 percent of those who receive a text read within 3 minutes, and 40 percent respond within 15 minutes. Of those consumers who opt-in to text or messaging platform, never opt out.

Put this powerful communication tool to work for you. Solicit new business. Contact those customers with outstanding recalls, text them details of what needs to be done, how long with it take, and provide links to the prominently displayed COVID-19 protections you’ve put into place and your “contactless” service and sales operations on your website.

As the re-openings have occurred, dealers have reported seeing vehicles move off their lots with a lot of pent-up demand. Don’t let a surge in new cases hurt your business operations. Put texting and what you’ve learned about serving your customers to work for you.

See How Textmaxx Pro is Supporting Local Businesses

In early April, our CEO–Chris Leedom–was featured on the local cable news network, Suncoast News Network, regarding how Textmaxx Pro was supporting local businesses through these unprecedented times. Please continue reading for the article.

(WSNN)- As we enter a statewide stay-at-home order, communication is crucial. Textmaxx Pro, a web based text messaging solution, says texting is the way to go.

“Typically every text is read within three minutes, like 97%. Think about how often we are checking our phones. So text messaging, we have the persons eyeballs for 10 to 15 seconds, but there’s a very high probability you have their attention for a short period of time. So that’s why it’s such a powerful communications tool,” said Textmaxx Pro, CEO, Chris Leedom.

Textmaxx Pro is offering Suncoast businesses and nonprofits their web-based texting platform, free of charge to help them keep in touch and boost communication during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We really want to support the community and make sure here in our little part of the world, Sarasota and Manatee counties,” said Leedom. “We are doing all that we can to help businesses and nonprofits, and schools communicate with the constituents”.

Leedom says Textmaxx Pro can also aid caregivers and doctors communicate with their patients and those aged 65 and up.

“They’re now shut in and many of them are probably scared to go out and get groceries,” said Leedom. “A text just supporting them and saying hello can mean a lot.”
He said this is their way of stepping up and helping the Suncoast stay safe at home, while still staying social.

“We don’t make ventilators,” he said. “We don’t treat the ill, so we thought at least we can provide a very strong communication platform for the community.”


Source: https://www.snntv.com/story/41965978/suncoast-business-aiding-communication-during-stayathome-order 

Textmaxx Pro Selected as an NIADA Partner

Textmaxx Pro Selected as an NIADA Partner

SARASOTA, FL, June 4, 2020 — Textmaxx Pro, a national text message communication platform with special expertise in the automotive retail marketplace and a Leedom Group Company, has entered a new partnership with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association’s National Member Benefit program.

NIADA’s 16,000 independent auto dealer members can use Textmaxx Pro’s fully compliant business texting technology to communicate more effectively with their teams, their customers and their prospects.

“We are pleased to welcome Textmaxx Pro to as our newest National Member Benefit partner,” NIADA director of business development James Gibson said. “NIADA has used this platform’s texting services at NIADA Conventions and other events. It’s been a great way to stay connected with our members and a key ingredient in our mobile communication strategy.”

Text messaging has become a primary means of communication between consumers and the businesses they choose to interact.

Textmaxx Pro’s award-winning platform employs technology that allows for nearly instantaneous communication with clients. Studies have shown more than 90 percent of those who receive a text read it within three minutes, and 40 percent respond within 15 minutes.

Of those consumers who opt into a text or messaging platform, 77 percent never opt out.
NIADA members can immediately reap the benefits of the new partnership. Textmaxx Pro is offering complimentary use of the platform for 45 days, and “managed services” support for 60 days.

That offer allows for turnkey integration into the business, eliminating administrative work for dealerships and finance companies so they can focus on business with a tool to effectively communicate and engage customers in the current challenging environment.

“The economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has been intense and dramatic, and virtually no business has gone untouched,” Textmaxx Pro CEO Chris Leedom said. “As a longtime automotive retailer who understands the necessity of getting back to business as soon possible after such an economic shock, we’ve pledged to help our clients and NIADA members achieve that through timely, effective communication using our platform.

“We have seen incredible usage and adaptation over the past 60 days with dealers and finance companies using texting as a primary method of communication.”
For more information or to sign up for the complimentary Textmaxx Pro NIADA member benefit, call 866-367-6889 or text “SMSNIADA” to 95000. To request a demo, visit textmaxxpro.com.

About Textmaxx Pro
Textmaxx Pro, a Leedom Group Company, provides customizable business texting solutions for the automotive industry. Our platform allows dealers and finance companies to effectively communicate with customers and prospects via SMS/MMS texting.
We offer solutions for small, medium and large dealerships as well as auto auctions. With more than 90 percent of texts being read in three minutes or less, it provides the most powerful and affordable form of communication available to maximize ROI. To learn more, visit textmaxxpro.com, call 866-367-6889 or text “TEXT2020” to 95000.

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