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Make Phone Tag a Thing of the Past…

By Christopher Leedom CEO, Textmaxx Pro How many of you reading this article are frustrated by the volume of voice mail—both left and received—during the average workday?  Whether it is for sales, service or collections, your staff leaves dozens—if not...

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Top 3 Reasons To Text-Enable Your Business

1) Your Clients Prefer Texting Over Calls, Voicemails and Emails We all text our family and friends much more than we call or email, and studies show a strong preference by clients to text the service professionals they hire.  Instant, real-time, asynchronous, easy --...

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Textmaxx Pro Launches 3.0 API

Textmaxx Pro Launches Latest Texting Engine with Universal Integrations for Improved Customer Experience for Dealer Management Systems Textmaxx Pro, a nationwide provider for SMS and MMS text-to-landline service for businesses, launches its latest texting engine,...

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