Top 3 Reasons To Text-Enable Your Business

Top 3 Reasons To Text-Enable Your Business

1) Your Clients Prefer Texting Over Calls, Voicemails and Emails

We all text our family and friends much more than we call or email, and studies show a strong preference by clients to text the service professionals they hire.  Instant, real-time, asynchronous, easy — it’s no wonder we all prefer it!  And the younger your client, the more texting may be the only way to reach them.

2) You are NOT getting your clients text messages

Clients are already sending texts to your firm, and if your business number is not text-enabled, you won’t receive them.  Once we text-enable your line, typically a flood of old texts flow through and the business quickly realizes not answering texts is like not answering the phone!

3) Risk Management

Using a personal cell phone to text clients about business violates TCPA rules because you don’t have written consent to communicate via text.  This can result in the same fine as an unsolicited phone call.  Worse, the text conversation history between employee and client has no record.  Likely your business has invested heavily in email archiving to comply with FINRA guidelines, but texts — the preferred way to communicate — aren’t similarly archived?

Are you ready to communicate with your clients the way they prefer? Easily, instantly and compliantly.  Start now, Textmaxx Pro is available to you with absolutely no software to configure or install. Our dynamic and nimble texting solution can be accessed via web browser, EasyConnect email integration and mobile app available for iPhone and Android. Included in all plans is a 10-year message archive for recording all message history and written consent for text communication.  Messages histories are fully downloadable and searchable by user, cell, and keyword.

Textmaxx Pro text-enables any number of landlines, activates any number of users, and accommodates any texting volume.  All client cells can be uploaded for one-time opt-in notification, and messages replies can be automated and customized to meet any need.


Easy, customized and affordable is why Textmaxx Pro is the Text Messaging Service Leader for Professionals.

At 25 Years Old, SMS is the Worlds Biggest Communications Platform

At 25 Years Old, SMS is the Worlds Biggest Communications Platform

On December 3, 1992, British software engineer Neil Papworth sent the world’s first ever text message. It was to an executive at Vodafone, saying “Merry Christmas”.

SMS now stands as the  most successful communications platform of all time, connecting billions of people worldwide. Celebrating 25 years, lets review SMS’s history and the developments that have shaped its phenomenal success.

SMS origins back to 1984, when Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert from the GSM Corporation first developed the concept of sending a short message (hence SMS – the short message service) to and from a mobile device.

1992: Merry Christmas

On December 3, 1992, British software engineer Neil Papworth sent the world’s first ever text message. It was to an executive at Vodafone, saying “Merry Christmas”.

1993: Nokia Makes the SMS Commercial

Nokia released the 1011 – the first handset that enabled users to send and receive text messages – and the world was changed forever.

1995: Slow to adapt

Consumers initially failed to see the advantages of texting –  the average mobile phone user in the US sent less than one text a month:-(

But 1995 brought the invention of the T9 system for writing text messages on a numerical keypad, using keypad numbers 1-9 to type individual letters – a major solution for many mobile phone companies.

1997: QWERTY Keyboards pave the way

in 1997 Nokia released its full physical “qwerty” keyboard on a mobile phone – the 9000i Communicator. It paved the way for the BlackBerry (launched in 2002), and the rise of the way we text on smartphones today.

Mobile operators were soon hailing texting as a quicker alternative to voice calls.

1999: SMS ignites

In1999, mobile operators turned a simple messaging platform into a global billion-dollar industry. Texting became so popular that it sparked its own language. Txtspk made it quicker to text and as a result, the average number of text messages sent in the US reached 35 per person every month. At $0.10 a text, it was a gold rush for mobile operators.

2007: SMS becomes the most successful communication platform of all time

2007 was a landmark year for SMS –  it was also the first year where more texts were sent than calls made from mobile phones.

Despite rapid developments in smartphone technology, and new apps flooding the market, texting remained the number one form of mobile communication.

2011: Everyone still uses Texting from the Smartphone

By 2011, Smartphones had taken people to virtual keyboards on a smartphone screen and the introduction of Swype sped up the process of texting once again. As texting became quicker and easier, more people started using it as their go-to method of communication with not only friends and family, but with preferred businesses as well. It was in 2011 that SMS usage peaked – with 3.5 billion active users across the world.

Today: 5 billion people and counting

With the rise of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger, many experts are predicting a decline SMS texting. But shallow thinking like that ignores the 5 billion people globally using SMS every day. What’s next, why new services like RCS, which uses SMS functionality to send information-rich, interactive messages with app-like capabilities.

And the future? Well, SMS is still proving its worth to brands looking to improve their customer experience. It remains an ideal platform for sending customers useful, relevant information in the right place and at the right time.

While new forms of communication come and go, SMS is 25 and remains the most successful communications platform of all time.

If you’d like to learn more about how SMS texting can help you make timely connections with billions of customers, ask the textperts. Call or text 866-367-6889!

Mystery Solved: The Big Deal Behind Keywords and Short Codes

Mystery Solved: The Big Deal Behind Keywords and Short Codes

Imagine a marketing platform that still has exclusive Keywords available for your business. You no longer have to ask your customers to remember terms like text “CHEEZBUGRS” to opt into your diner or “WILDHONDASRQ” to get service alerts for their vehicles because BURGER, HONDA and even BEER are all available with TextMaxx Pro’s short code 95000.

Wait, maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about Keywords. Keywords are the Goose to your Maverick when it comes to your text message marketing.

A Keyword is specific to the texting provider’s short code and can be assigned to only one business user (aka YOU). Our short code is 95000; and it’s a NEW code so Keywords are endless. Many short codes are shared among texting providers – meaning if the keyword you are looking for is already being used by another SMS provider on that shared short code, you are out of luck. Textmaxx Pro runs on our proprietary short code 95000, offering you a huge variety of Keyword options to safely and easily reach your audience to enable text opt-ins, organize your outgoing marketing campaigns, and track results.

So why is something super easy to remember and specific to your business important in a text message Keyword? Do you consider having a logo important? Or a website URL with your business name included? It’s all about building your brand. Once you start moving too far away from the consistent messaging you have built with your customers you create confusion. Keep It Simple Stupid and get with a text communications platform that can support your brand and its customer messaging, not one that asks you to adapt due to its lacking Keyword availability.

To get a run down on our Keyword availability text “Pro” (that’s our Keyword) to 95000.

Forget AutoCorrect and Text Abbreviations with EasyConnect

Forget AutoCorrect and Text Abbreviations with EasyConnect

Maintain Your Professional Standard with Easy Connect
Do you understand your customers’ text messages? NVM, OFC U know! But ?4U, doesn’t text messaging itself make you nuts?
Between text abbreviations, wrong autocorrects, and the time it takes to create all those text shortcuts in your phone, you could have just sent email.
Now you can!

Through Textmaxx Pro’s exclusive Easy Connect feature you can receive your customers’ text messages direct to your inbox as emails, respond to them with an email, and it will be delivered back to them as a text message. All messages sent via email are documented in Textmaxx Pro’s mobile app and web portal for easy reference and saved for up to 10 years.
And all your customer information is safely stored and can be reassigned to new team members as your business grows.
With Easy Connect you can skip the stress of thumb typos and the constant need to think of clever abbreviations. Your communications will always be professional, accurate and easily spell checked.

2G2BT right? This dynamic feature allows you to communicate with your customers from wherever you are, in the way you work best, via email. The transformation is seamless and your customers won’t know the difference. You email and they receive a text! They send you a text and you receive an email!

Never have an unopened email again, send it as a text and see the responses come pouring in. To learn more about Textmaxx Pro and our Easy Connect feature text “Pro” to 95000 now.

TextMaxx Pro Announces New Website Launch and App Update with Exclusive Business Solution Features

Textmaxx Pro, a locally owned firm which develops and licenses software application platforms that text-enable business communications announced the launch of its newly revamped website. The redesigned website is rich in video and educational content and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the company’s text friendly communication services.

Textmaxx Pro also pushed its latest app update to the iTunes and Google Play stores. In version 1.2.4 Textmaxx Pro users have the opportunity to send MMS messages to clients and set recurring reminders and anniversary date notifications. This follows the launch of the company’s EasyConnect feature that allows users to send and receive text communications through their outlook and other email platforms.

“We are excited about our new website launch and app update coming together to best serve our clients. It truly enables them to revolutionize the way they communicate with their customers,” said Chris Leedom, Founder and CEO. “The website is packed with robust educational content and innovative business solutions that will change the way our clients communicate via SMS.”

Textmaxx Pro’s new website will be updated frequently with educational articles and videos, news of product updates, events and employment offerings. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for text updates from the company at

Textmaxx Pro
Across multiple platforms including web and mobile, Textmaxx Pro’s cloud-based messaging solution connects businesses to customers using the same local and toll-free numbers that customers are familiar with and otherwise can only call. Using a TCPA-compliant, personalized, automated communications suite Textmaxx Pro reaches today’s customer exactly how they want: real-time, via text message, instantly to their mobile phone. Textmaxx Pro is a division of Leedom Group, for more information call (866) 367-6889 or visit

Google’s Click-to-Text Rivals the Success of Click-to-Call with Mobile Customers

Google’s Click-to-Text Rivals the Success of Click-to-Call with Mobile Customers

Customers preference for text messaging is increasing, and Google is responding! Google has enhanced its mobile search capabilities to include text messaging between customer mobile devices and text-enabled businesses thanks to AdWords Message Extensions.

AdWords message extensions allow people to see your ad, click an icon, and contact you directly by text message to book an appointment, get a quote, ask for information, or request a service. Message extensions can help grow your business by giving people another – and often preferred —  method to reach you.

Message extensions are designed to be shown only to people on phones capable of sending and receiving text messages, and they require your business to have a phone number that is able to receive, process, and send text messages.

When someone taps the message icon in your ad from their mobile device, their messaging app will open with a pre-populated message that you create.


Nick owns a car dealership and is running an AdWords campaign for a sale on SUVs. He sets up his Google message extensions to quickly communicate with his customers about his inventory.  When his ad appears, a message will pop up with “All SUVs on Sale. Text to Save Now!”  When the users taps on the message, a new pre-populated message from Nick will appear in their messaging app.

When someone taps your message icon, you’re charged for a click – just as if the person tapped on your ad to go to your website.

With just 6-months on the market message extensions are already showing a 50% higher conversion rate over a mobile ad alone and rivaling the success of call extensions.


It’s time to rethink your mobile strategy. Connecting with your customers by text is more than just improving your Google search, it’s about communicating with them in the way they want and will respond to.

TextMaxx Pro has all the features you need to grow your business through text marketing and AdWords message extensions. Text-enable your landline to send and receive messages. Use our EasyConnect feature to receive incoming text messages as emails and seamlessly return that email communication as a text message to your customers.We even offer text-to-pay options through our partner PayMaxx Pro. With every mobile interaction the possibilities are limitless.

What’s holding you back? Text “Pro” to 95000 to connect in real-time with our team to get solutions that will change the way you do business .