Textmaxx Pro Earns National Recognition from Auto Remarketing, Adding to its 2019 Accolades



Synopsis: Textmaxx Pro, based in Sarasota, Fla., continues its string of industry accolades in 2019 by being named to two lists of top vendors to the automotive retail industry.

SARASOTA, Fla. (August 29, 2019) — Textmaxx Pro has been named to two prestigious lists of top vendors to the automotive retail industry, boosting its already strong performance and recognition throughout the country in 2019.

A national, top-tier texting platform for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication, was named to Subprime Auto Finance News’ Special Finance 175 and Auto Remarketing’s Power 300 lists of the nation’s top vendors.

The Special Finance 175 is a list of the top vendors in what has grown into a $1 trillion special finance marketplace. Members of the Special Finance 175 provide critical auto financing for consumers and help to support companies and dealerships with sound guidance and tools to navigate ever-changing regulatory demands and potential buyer tastes.

The companies listed and profiled in the Power 300 are the major players in the used car and remarketing worlds. Some are well-known anchors of the business; others are starting to make waves. These companies have each made the list for different reasons, but they have all made a significant impact.

“We have really worked hard this year to continually improve our product since inception,” said Chris Leedom, Textmaxx Pro’s CEO.  “We believe it is our responsibility to make sure our clients are using the best, fully compliant texting platform in the country. It’s a tribute to the efforts and emphasis on customer service to be named to such stellar groups of suppliers to the automotive industry. I’d like to congratulate everyone on the Textmaxx Pro team for a well-done job. We have accomplished a great deal since we launched our product three years ago.”

Textmaxx Pro has seen double-digit client growth in 2019, bolstered, in part, by earning Digital Dealer 26’s Tech Tank Award in Orlando, Fla., this past spring. Leedom took part in the Digital Dealer’s Tech Tank competition, which pitted his company’s products and services against five other technology-based firms. Audience members voted for Textmaxx Pro, via text, to win the distinguished honor.

Leedom said he’s not surprised that Textmaxx Pro is turning heads in the automotive retail sector and other verticals. The main value proposition for the platform is the ability to communicate effectively in near real time with customers. While 88 percent of business calls go unanswered, the opposite is true of text messaging. About 93 percent of SMS messages are read within 10 minutes, and a return text is usually sent within 20 minutes.

“If you’ve kept up with Telephone Consumer Protection Act and its legal and regulatory compliance issues, you know the value of having a platform that is fully compliant,” Leedom said. “If you are texting your prospects and customers without following the law and its requirements, you could face stiff, possibly business-ending fines.  We help alleviate that risk by providing a fully-compliant platform.”

Textmaxx Pro was one of the first texting platforms that was fully vetted by one of the nation’s top law firms when it comes to automotive retail compliance.

While awards and recognition help a lot when growing a business, they only go so far. Leedom noted that the attention to the customer is what pays dividends.

“We, of course, must be seen as a company that responds quickly and communicates effectively with our clients,” Leedom said. “We can’t afford to be late, someone will come in, text our clients, and our lunch will go elsewhere!  We help our clients by providing the same real-time, cutting-edge communication ability for them.”


About Textmaxx Pro

Textmaxx Pro believes communication is the No. 1 priority in business. All businesses should have the tools necessary to save time and money while still maintaining constant communication with their existing and potential customers. The Textmaxx Pro technology platform allows for ease of communication with existing customers to provide excellent support to enhance customer satisfaction, and provide information about products, services, discounts, and promotions. The fully compliant platform, is easy to use for businesses across an array of industries and sizes.



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