Textmaxx Pro Nationally Recognized for Technology Innovation

Textmaxx Pro Nationally Recognized for Technology Innovation

SARASOTA, Fla – Textmaxx Pro, a national technology firm that provides business texting solutions headquarted here, was recognized as a “leading technology innovator” and featured in “Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne”, a nationally distributed television series.

Behind the Scenes airs on cable networks and PBS affiliates and spotlights leading business innovators in various industries. Textmaxx Pro was selected for its innovative people, products, and services that provide businesses a platform for text communications with customers, prospects, and employees.

“Everyone on our team is honored by Behind the Scenes showcasing our company on an upcoming July segment,” said Chris Leedom, CEO of Textmaxx Pro. “We have worked hard to make our product a leading business texting solution and this was an honor and a reward to our team for their focus and success. This recognition speaks to the power and importance of business texting.”

Leedom and the Textmaxx Pro executive team worked with Behind the Scenes during a four-month vetting process to be featured on the program. This is not the first national recognition for the company. The growing technology company earned Digital Dealer 26’s Tech Tank Award in Orlando, Fla., in the spring of 2019. The Tech Tank competition pitted Textmaxx Pro products and services against five other technology-based firms.
“Our goal is to continue to provide the best business texting solution for any small, medium, or large business that wants to effectively communicate with its customers while maintaining compliance with federal regulations. A constantly updated, fully compliant platform is what sets us apart from our competitors,” Leedom said.

The full Behind the Scenes segment can be viewed by visiting https://textmaxxpro.com/behind-the-scenes/. For more information about Textmaxx Pro texting solutions visit textmaxxpro.com or text BTS to 95000.

About Textmaxx Pro

Textmaxx Pro is a national firm based in Sarasota, Fla, and provides businesses with an automated, compliant, easy-to-use, web-based, text messaging solution that enables them to reach their clients and prospects via text. It provides a full-service platform that is easily integrated into any CRM or other software application and is fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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Instantly Engage with your Customers

Instantly Engage with your Customers

Texting has become one of the most popular ways for a business to reach customers, prospects, and team members. In fact, according to recent studies, 90 percent of consumers want to text with businesses and brands. Some 77 percent of consumers, who opt-in to a text or messaging platform with a business, never opt out. Textmaxx Pro helps businesses realize the benefits of having 99 percent of text messages being opened, 90 percent read within 3 minutes, and 40 percent response rate within 15 minutes.

Connect with Your Team in Real Time

During the pandemic lock downs across the U.S., many businesses had their employees that could work from home. Knowing the benefits of texting, businesses used texting keep them informed about changes in business hours, new sales, cancellations. Owners and managers could confidently know their communications with employees would be received, opened, and, when necessary, responded to within minutes. Even when team members return to their offices, texting will remain a real-time communications tool.

Engaging Consumers Puts them in Purchase Funnel

The speed at which text communication occurs, coupled with its ease of use, is a perfect tool to move a customer through the purchase funnel. Quickly learning about where the consumer is on their personal buyer’s journey, their needs, and conditions, will help businesses better understand their customers and build lasting relationships. You need to learn what their preferences are. Know which customers want information from a drinking fountain, and understanding that some prefer to gather info from a fire hose, will help businesses determine who to contact with which information and offers.

Outbound Marketing Strategies

When you send out an email campaign, print ad, digital ad, or even when making outbound calls, always give consumers a texting option to respond. Some people don’t have the ability or time to engage via phone. Calls take longer, personal calls are usually avoided while consumers are at work, and communications from text result in opens, reads, and responses in near real time.

Customers Want Customer Service Now

Businesses that provide a texting number for customer service issues a really providing great customer service. If a consumer saves the number to text when they have an account issue, a tech question, or any other problem, and can text that number with a question, request a call, or renew their account and not have to wade through a complicated voice recognition telephony system, you’ll have a customer for life.

If you would like to learn more, text “TEXTPROS” to 95000 now or call 1-866-367-6889.  You can also visit https://textmaxxpro.com/contact/.


Make Sure Your Marketing Doesn’t Generate Fines

Make Sure Your Marketing Doesn’t Generate Fines

Compliance is Key

In less than a decade; consumer disputes regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) have spiked more than 500%, leaving companies in all industries paying millions in damages. It’s critical to build effective, low-cost strategies to be sure that your business is fully compliant.

TCPA, What Is It?
The TCPA is a federal law that safeguards consumer privacy through the regulation of telephone solicitations and the use of prerecorded messages, auto-dialed calls, text messages and unsolicited faxes. The rule has been modified and through regulatory agencies more clearly defined over time.

Those who are found guilty of violating TCPA regulations incur steep fines that can range from $500 to $1,500 per violation! Companies unaware of their own violations have had to pay out hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. Protecting your company’s livelihood needs to be a paramount concern.

Textmaxx Pro is fully TCPA compliant. Given that text message marketing and communications are the preferred method of contact for the overwhelming majority of adults of all ages, it’s vital today to have strategies and solutions in place to assist with marketing, advertising, client communication, collections, etc.

Learn more by calling or texting our Texting Experts at 866.367.6889.

What If You Could Get Customers To See 90% Of Your Marketing?

What If You Could Get Customers To See 90% Of Your Marketing?

Customers Simply Prefer Text. Whether it’s being reminded of a payment, an appointment, or notification of a special offer, today’s busy consumer prefer texting as their preferred means of communication. Obnoxious spam phone calls give people plenty of reason to not answer their calls, however, if they get a text, they can easily see who it’s from and what it’s about in seconds.

Texts Get Read. The reason so many states are adopting laws to prevent texting and driving, and the reason you should shut off your phones in a theater or during an event is the recipient almost immediately looks at the text. They also respond quickly — 90% within minutes or less. We have become adept at this quick communication.

It’s just quicker. You don’t have to be a Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos to know that it’s just quicker to read a short text and reply with a Y or N, or OK, to understand that it’s far faster to communicate with a text for simple messages than it is to send an email, or make a phone call.

Texting Allows for Versatility. As mentioned the information you can impart to your clients and prospects is almost endless. Send them a thank you for a payment, ask them to rate a recent transaction or encounter with your business, or just let them know the product they ordered is on the way. Whatever you need to communicate, you can do it in a short, quick, almost-guarantee-to-be-read message.

Four Ways to Incorporate Texting into Your Marketing Strategy

Four Ways to Incorporate Texting into Your Marketing Strategy

Grow Your Lists
You know texting works because you use it all the time. Your doctor, dentist, furniture store, Amazon, and your favorite pizzeria all send you texts regularly to confirm your appointment or your ’Za order. The first goal of any text marketing strategy should be to grow your list of subscribers.

You need to set up a campaign using a keyword to solicit opt-ins. Offer them something of value, and ask to subscribe to specific number. Don’t know what to offer? Put yourself in their place and ask what would be value to you, and how would you expect a business or service company to interact with you.

If you’re a car dealer or other business that directly interacts with clients and prospects regularly, ask them to subscribe for special offers, news, and notifications. Much like going into a big box store for an electronics purchase and being asked whether you want an extended warranty, asking for Text Message opt-in should became part of every communication with clients and prospects.

Strategic Reminders
Sending reminders for appointments, reservations, or just to confirm an appointment gives you a good reason to communicate with text. You know nearly 90 percent of text recipients see the text within a few minutes, and most will respond in that time, if the text calls for it. Now that you have access, don’t blow up their phone, but use text messages to provide value. If you have a seasonal special such as an oil change, or sale on a new HVAC system, shoot them a text letting your customers know.

If you have a special Customer Appreciation Event, a Holiday Savings Sale, or other important event going on at your business, keep your customers and opted-in prospects in the know. Text them with incentives to attend. Perhaps send them special offers only those that received and responded to the text will receive. Keep your messages concise, and again, be sure they create value. People love tracking their packages and deliveries. If you send your clients something, let them now when it shipped and when it may arrive. By notifying your customers and prospects, you give them information they can use — that in itself offers value.

If you’re a new car dealer and your brand is launching a new vehicle, make a special day out its delivery to your dealership. Let your customers and prospects know about this special promotion. Barbecues out in front of your business, large acquisitions of new inventory, or any special promotion you can dream up are perfect opportunities to communicate via Text! Make sure the customers feel this offer is especially for them, that it is exclusive, and make them feel special for being among those presented with the promotion.