Textmaxx Pro Offers Free Services to Combat COVID-19 Crisis

Textmaxx Pro Offers Free Services to Combat COVID-19 Crisis


Sarasota, FL – (March 23, 2020) – Textmaxx Pro, a Florida technology texting based company, is taking on the mission of keeping local businesses functioning, emergency communications flowing and helping families with school age children to continue their education during the coronavirus pandemic.

“In this uncertain and unprecedented time, we at Textmaxx Pro are here to support and help organizations with communication to customers and employees,” Said Chris Leedom, CEO at Textmaxx Pro. “We have found that with ‘social distancing’ and working remotely, business owners are adopting new ways of communicating to support employee welfare and client needs. Texting generates the most immediate read rates and response, so we are stepping up to help.”

Textmaxx Pro is initiating these efforts to help during this time:

  • Effective through April 30th all activation set up fees will be eliminated for new clients.
  • For all new clients, Textmaxx Pro will waive costs on “managed services” through April 30th on select plans to help implement effective texting strategies for customers and employees. This is designed to        speed up implementation and save labor costs as businesses look to save. The Textmaxx Pro live support team will take on all administrative work to activate service quickly for all communication needs.
  • The Textmaxx Pro “Unlimited” monthly investment package will be provided free of charge through May 29th for all non-profit organizations in Sarasota County to help our community. This is to include schools that will need to communicate with parents.

Examples of How Businesses and Other Organizations Can Use Textmaxx Pro to Promote Social Distancing

• Shift from “Dine In” to “Take Out” with coupons to drive business. Many restaurants are using texted coupons to utilize read rates above 90%.
• Free delivery on orders of $10 or more to incentivize customers.
• “All-Day” Happy Hour take out specials. Eliminate time restrictions for customer convenience.

• Text offers of “digital discount coupons” and free delivery to encourage remote purchases.
• Add “chat” features to their websites. Effective communication with customers becomes even more critical when they’re not able to come to the facility.
• Stress “local” shopping to support local community businesses in communications.

Additional Business Communication Practices:
• Enhance communication and check on the well-being of employees. Provide existing clients with relevant support, information and flexibility for products and services currently offered.
• Service consumers at highest risk. The elderly and those with preexisting health conditions can receive customized assistance featuring business specialties.
• Healthcare providers can use SMS/push alert notifications for employee monitoring and tracking services and “telemedicine” can help the public engage in preventive measures.

Why business texting is critical in this current environment for communication:

• Communication is essential in our current environment to deliver rapid safety and resource messages.
• SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.
• SMS messages have a 98% open rate.
• 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receipt.
• Consumers redeem SMS delivered coupons 10X more than other types of coupon received.
• 8 out of 10 people seek an SMS opt-in or some other kind of mobile device service to help with purchases.
• 50% US consumers make direct purchases after receiving a SMS branded text with a coupon or QR code.

Visit www.textmaxxpro.com for more information about the services available.

About Textmaxx Pro
Textmaxx Pro is a national firm based in Sarasota, Fla. They provide web based, text messaging solutions that are automated and easy-to-use, allowing businesses to reach their clients, prospects and employees via text. They provide a full-service platform that is easily integrated into any CRM or other software application and is fully compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Textmaxx Pro was founded in 2016 by Chris Leedom, President & CEO of the Leedom Group.

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