Textmaxx Pro, part of the Leedom Group of companies, is a customized text message marketing solution for small to medium sized businesses. Our product was designed to provide a full function, compliance based communication tool for companies that want to maximize interaction utilizing the number one preferred communication method today - Texting.

This site will provide you with an overview of the product and a means to request a demo - via text of course! No matter what your need for a texting product - we can help. From our unique text-to-pay application to our table-is-ready application we listened to the needs of your business and adapted our SMS text message marketing solution to meet your specifications.

We will also provide you piece of mind. At Textmaxx Pro we take pride in offering a compliant text message marketing solution for our clients. In today’s economy if you’re going to do business, you must consider compliance and the possible risk of doing business in a non-compliant manner. We have seen a number of companies fall into unpleasant lawsuits due to the non-complaint use of texting. Not only is this expensive, but it is also damaging to your company's brand.

After witnessing this first hand, our own clients getting in trouble with non-compliant texting, the search for a compliant solution started. We have worked endless nights with attorneys to not only create a compliance based texting solution but also to educate businesses on these issues. If you would like additional information please request our Compliance Whitepaper HERE

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One of our representatives will follow up and arrange a demo at your convenience. That is all there is to it!

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