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Our product was designed to provide a full function, compliance based product for companies that want to maximize interaction utilizing the number one preferred communication method today – Texting.

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14 Tactics That Will Ignite Your SMS Marketing Success

If you’re trying to promote your product to the world and grow your business, you have no choice but to market to audiences on mobile devices. This is where your customers are, as mobile usage is now surpassing that of “fixed Internet access”...
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Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

*Ding ding* One new text. Maybe it’s that cute boy you’ve been talking to in chem class. Maybe it’s your boss wanting to congratulate you on your performance. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s an irresistible text offer from your favorite retail...
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How to Put Text Message Marketing to Work This Holiday Season

Need a better way to reach shoppers and boost sales this holiday season? Text messaging may be the answer.  Mobile marketing can attract more buyers throughout the holidays, from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Christmas and post-holiday retail sales. Mobile...
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Why use SMS marketing?

1. Immediate There’s no long waiting time for designs to be mocked up or campaigns to be printed, just decide what your message is, sending a bulk SMS to your customers takes no longer than sending a text on your own phone. So, not only will you free up some precious...
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