Textmaxx Pro can integrate its API with any existing software program – to learn more about our integration program, please contact us to speak to a integration specialist.


Unleash the power of Textmaxx Pro through our integration with CDK for SMS lead generation directly from your CDK web site.

Allow a web site visitor to send a text message to your text-enabled land line directly from your web site:


Text, links, buttons and images can all become SMS lead generation entry points.


Unleash the power of Textmaxx Pro through our seamless integration with Frazer to use your dealership’s main landline for communicating to customers in the way they prefer AND respond to.

Choose from a library of custom templates to easily and automatically send customized text messages to all accounts for:


Payment Reminders


Insurance Issues


Past Due Notices


Address Changes


Payment Links


Service Reminders


One-on-One Conversation

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