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Get An Edge On The Competition With Business Texting

Sending emails to your clients is great, but how many of them are really responding? With business texting, you can get your message in front of your audience quickly and easily. You can send to hundreds of people at once, or target specific lists for special promotions and offers.

Business texting makes communicating with your clients fast and easy. It offers you the opportunity to put your message right into their hands. For those offering professional services, it gives you the edge over your competitors by getting your information right upfront.

With Business Texting, You Can:

  • Book appointments and appointment reminders
  • Schedule automated payments
  • Announce technician arrivals
  • Send automated replies
  • Broadcast customer specials and discounts
  • Develop loyalty programs

Business Texting Is Communication Now

When you feel your phone vibrate or the text ringtone signaling that you have a new text, it’s an almost automatic response to check it. Studies show that we are now basically hard-wired to respond immediately to incoming texts, and furthermore, texting a prospect after an initial contact may increase conversion rates by up to 112%. People are far more likely to check their text messages than they are their emails, and more likely to have notifications turned on for texts than for email. Texting simply IS communication now, and using it for your business just makes sense. Contact Textmaxx Pro today and get started with business texting.

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