Save Time & Money While Improving Customer Communication
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Save Time & Money While Improving Customer Communication

Taking Business Communication to the Next Level

Mass Marketing

reach all customers & prospects instantly

Improves Customer Service

streamlines your communication

Kiss Phone Tag Goodbye

real time conversations

Coupons & Promos

text your customers "deals" drive sales today

Export Data With One Click

manage & measure effectiveness

SMS Archived For 10 Years

with conversations archived
10 years for your protection

Mobile App

communicate anywhere anytime

Import All Customers

which saves you time

  • Schedule and set service reminders for clients
  • Use keyword to short code campaigns, and add it to all of your current marketing, i.e. Text “CARS” to 95000 to receive our no down-payment offer!
  • One-on-one conversations to ease your sales process
  • Broadcast specials to your current customer base
  • Book appointments and appointment reminders
  • Schedule automated payments
  • Announce Technician arrivals
  • Send automated replies
  • Broadcast customer specials and discounts
  • Develop Loyalty programs
  • Book appointments and appointment reminders
  • Manage COVID social distancing by letting patients know it’s time to come in
  • One on one support and service
  • Use of a short code to key word to create new customers to opt-in and receive special offers. Examples: Text “DISCOUNT” to 95000 and opt-in to receive a 20% discount for Mother’s Day
  • Book appointments and reservation reminders
  • Maintain brand consistency across multiple locations with access to multiple users
  • Grow your loyalty programs to maximize membership
  • Broadcast bulk text messages to students/parents on safety policies
  • Broadcast bulk text messages to faculty as internal communication
  • Two-way texting for one-on-one communication
  • Notifications on virtual Town Halls and events
  • Effective communication with internal staff in real time
  • Emergency notifications
  • Confirm participation and promote virtual auctions/Webinar sign ups
  • Promote events dates and times
  • Effective communication with internal staff in real time
  • Emergency notifications
  • Customer/Resident Surveys
  • One on one support and service


Textmaxx Pro is an automated, fully TCPA compliant text message marketing service. It's online (web based) and easy to use, allowing businesses to reach clients and prospects via text. Implement texting into your marketing and client retention strategy to improve communication and your customer's experience. Better experiences equal a better bottom line for you.

Why should Businesses Text?

Long gone are the days of emails on desktops, phone tag and snail mail. Communication by text message means that text marketing is the new frontier for nearly every business. Stop playing phone tag with your customers, and reach them immediately—via text. Throwing your money away on wasted phone calls simply doesn’t make any sense. Try texting today! Businesses need to offer what consumers want—fast, easy, immediate communication.

Be More Efficient & Effective in Your Customer Communication

Connect, Communicate, Cultivate Your Clients Today!

Be More Efficient & Effective in Your Customer Communication

Connect, Communicate, Cultivate Your Clients Today!


Don't Get LeftBehind

Don’t let your competition run laps around you, your business, and your profits. Business text customers interact with their customers immediately.


Upgrade Your Business Communication

Texting is the new way to communicate. Stay ahead of the curve.


Stop Wasting Time & Money

Don’t pay your employees to chase your clients using antiquated technology. Text advertising is the wave of the future.


Automated System &Solution

Texting is easy, instant, and reaches your customer in the way they want.


Textmaxx Pro has been a vital partner to the downtown Sarasota Alliance.

As a small nonprofit, we have a limited budget and a huge mission. In the middle of the COVID crisis, Textmaxx Pro was even more attuned to the needs of our constituents. They work tirelessly to make sure the DSA properly annunciate its vision and message to its constituents. The professional staff at Textmaxx Pro found creative ways to maximize our budget to create impact among our community. The team has a great grasp of what is relevant, and their vigilance for what matters is exemplary.

Shay Atluru

Chairman, Downtown Sarasota Alliance

The Textmaxx Pro platform is a highly effective tool in communicating directly with our members about time sensitive issues and updates. The read and response rates are impressive. Texting has become one of the most effective ways we reach our audience.

James Gibson

Vice President Member Services , National Independent Auto Dealers Association

Textmaxx Pro has been great for us. We have always had trouble getting customers to respond when we have contacted them. Now with Textmaxx Pro they respond right away. I highly recommend Textmaxx Pro to any business that needs to communicate with their clients.

Mike Reed

Automotive Professional, Advantage Auto Finance

We were having difficulties reaching our customers over the phone. Since we started using Textmaxx Pro, we have seen a substantial increase in our customer responses. I would recommend Textmaxx Pro to anyone as this is a great tool in contacting your customers.


Consultant, Freedom Rides


5250 17th Street, Suite 115 Sarasota, Florida 34235 | +1 (866) 367-6889 | Text “PROS” to 95000

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