Texting is the preferred means of communication for consumers who wish to interact with a business — any business. Across all demographics more and more people rely on text communication to get a business’ location, hours, product information, pricing, and to  comparatively shop. Therefore, it’s incumbent on the business to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects.

Here are a few best practices businesses should use.

Use the Right Attitude

Keep your texts simple and direct and short. This doesn’t mean using text shorthand like adding an “lol” or an “omg” in the message. Be professional. Use simple sentences, common vocabulary. Remember, if the business is a comedy club, texts may have a different tone than those sent by a car dealership or veterinarian office.


These clever pictures communicate many words, attitude, and emotions. They are also prevalent and easy to send. Text messages are and should be short, and emojis communicate a feeling in an instant. Recent surveys show that notifications with emojis generate far more engagement that those without. As with anything, don’t overdo it.

Be Succinct

Text message are by design to be used on the fly. They must be read within seconds. Responses should be able to occur within seconds as well. Most SMS are limited to 160 characters, but you can send longer messages. Resist the temptation. Be short and concise.

Check Your Spelling

Reading news on the Internet or seeing posts on social media today would drive most English teachers and editors crazy. Spellcheck and predictive spelling can lead to misspelled words or wrong words being used to communicate. Poor spelling will reflect on your business and those that prepare the messages. Proof your texts before you hit send.

Use Common Vocabulary

Using “obfuscate” when you can say “hide,” may result in fewer people engaging with your message. You won’t get points from dazzling someone with your vocabulary skills.

Be Timely

If your text thanking someone for a visit comes three days later, it’s likely no longer relevant. If you text someone that the service on their vehicle is complete after they have arrived to pick it up, you’re not adding value to their experience.

Use a Texting Platform

Having employees use their personal mobile phones for business is not a good idea.They can use their phones, but should do it through a texting platform app, like Textmaxx Pro. This helps with proper messaging, allows them to text from desktop computers, and landlines. Most importantly, it makes your business compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Non-compliance can be an expensive headache. To learn more, look at our platform!