In early April, our CEO–Chris Leedom–was featured on the local cable news network, Suncoast News Network, regarding how Textmaxx Pro was supporting local businesses through these unprecedented times. Please continue reading for the article.

(WSNN)- As we enter a statewide stay-at-home order, communication is crucial. Textmaxx Pro, a web based text messaging solution, says texting is the way to go.

“Typically every text is read within three minutes, like 97%. Think about how often we are checking our phones. So text messaging, we have the persons eyeballs for 10 to 15 seconds, but there’s a very high probability you have their attention for a short period of time. So that’s why it’s such a powerful communications tool,” said Textmaxx Pro, CEO, Chris Leedom.

Textmaxx Pro is offering Suncoast businesses and nonprofits their web-based texting platform, free of charge to help them keep in touch and boost communication during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We really want to support the community and make sure here in our little part of the world, Sarasota and Manatee counties,” said Leedom. “We are doing all that we can to help businesses and nonprofits, and schools communicate with the constituents”.

Leedom says Textmaxx Pro can also aid caregivers and doctors communicate with their patients and those aged 65 and up.

“They’re now shut in and many of them are probably scared to go out and get groceries,” said Leedom. “A text just supporting them and saying hello can mean a lot.”
He said this is their way of stepping up and helping the Suncoast stay safe at home, while still staying social.

“We don’t make ventilators,” he said. “We don’t treat the ill, so we thought at least we can provide a very strong communication platform for the community.”



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