Should I Use Texting?
The short answer is, of course. Think about it. If you leave your place of business for lunch, you’ve likely texted a family member, friend, associate or business before you return home. If you’re doing it, so are your clients and your prospects. It’s a very personal means of communication, and nearly 90 percent of your outbound texts are seen by the recipient within just three seconds. Texting allows you to quickly receive feedback from your clients through replies, immediately deliver your message, and get hundreds of link clicks within minutes.

The open rate for an SMS message is about 98 percent, with a 3-second response rate. Texts lead to higher engagement rates and return on investment. In addition, brands that use SMS marketing typically reach 95 percent of targeted users.

You Had Better Do It Right!
It is vital to implement permission-based marketing. To be compliant with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, you must get permission to send your clients SMS messages. If a prospect engages you through your website via text, you can engage them, but you must soon get their permission to text. This can be done by having them text a specific number via a form on your website, or engagement campaign. You must also provide clear instructions on how they can opt-out (i.e.- texting the word ‘Stop’). Our system will not allow anyone who opts out of text via our platform, unless they opt-in again themselves.

Limits on Number of Characters
The character limit of most text messages is 160 characters, so keep your messages short and to the point, but with a CTA for the fan to take action. Some platforms allow for longer messages, but as a rule, keep them short and use commonly used shorthand for some messages. BRB for Be Right Back, and TY for Thank you. You know this.

Fresh is Good, and Show Respect.
You don’t want to send boring, confusing, or old texts. Don’t use common expressions or marketing clichés. “We carry a full array …” “We provide a wide variety of services …” Contact us today, to get the best pricing on 65-inch TVs this year!” Create a sense of urgency, and get to the point. Don’t be disingenuous. If you’re saying it’s a great deal, be sure it is! You can make texts more engaging by using media like MMS picture messages, emojis, calendar invites, and interactive content like polls and surveys. Polls and surveys work well, but be sure you let them see the results of the poll without having to enter contact information first. Experts agree texting between 8 am and 9 pm work best. You don’t respond to business text while you are at work, and neither to your clients. Send out CTA texts before and after work.

Add Value to the Equation
When you’re creating a text, ask yourself, what’s in it for the recipient. Is this text about what you want or need, or is about what they want or need. Recipients who get texts to offer them exclusive value or important information hold much greater value for the recipient. Texting your clients with SMS-only offers is a great way to make them feel like a VIP. In fact, call it a VIP program, or other value-laden name.
Yep, This Is Personal
Better results occur when you personalize the message, rather than sending our generic messages. Use the recipient’s name, or provide information about an event that’s local to them. Create customized audiences and them messages specific to them.

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