Grow Your Lists
You know texting works because you use it all the time. Your doctor, dentist, furniture store, Amazon, and your favorite pizzeria all send you texts regularly to confirm your appointment or your ’Za order. The first goal of any text marketing strategy should be to grow your list of subscribers.

You need to set up a campaign using a keyword to solicit opt-ins. Offer them something of value, and ask to subscribe to specific number. Don’t know what to offer? Put yourself in their place and ask what would be value to you, and how would you expect a business or service company to interact with you.

If you’re a car dealer or other business that directly interacts with clients and prospects regularly, ask them to subscribe for special offers, news, and notifications. Much like going into a big box store for an electronics purchase and being asked whether you want an extended warranty, asking for Text Message opt-in should became part of every communication with clients and prospects.

Strategic Reminders
Sending reminders for appointments, reservations, or just to confirm an appointment gives you a good reason to communicate with text. You know nearly 90 percent of text recipients see the text within a few minutes, and most will respond in that time, if the text calls for it. Now that you have access, don’t blow up their phone, but use text messages to provide value. If you have a seasonal special such as an oil change, or sale on a new HVAC system, shoot them a text letting your customers know.

If you have a special Customer Appreciation Event, a Holiday Savings Sale, or other important event going on at your business, keep your customers and opted-in prospects in the know. Text them with incentives to attend. Perhaps send them special offers only those that received and responded to the text will receive. Keep your messages concise, and again, be sure they create value. People love tracking their packages and deliveries. If you send your clients something, let them now when it shipped and when it may arrive. By notifying your customers and prospects, you give them information they can use — that in itself offers value.

If you’re a new car dealer and your brand is launching a new vehicle, make a special day out its delivery to your dealership. Let your customers and prospects know about this special promotion. Barbecues out in front of your business, large acquisitions of new inventory, or any special promotion you can dream up are perfect opportunities to communicate via Text! Make sure the customers feel this offer is especially for them, that it is exclusive, and make them feel special for being among those presented with the promotion.