Everyone texts today. If you go out to lunch, you’ve likely texted multiple people before you get back to work. Texting prospects and existing customers is essential for business success. However, there is good news, but there’s also GREAT news.

First, only 14% of business have text message strategy for marketing, advertising, and communicating with customers. So putting a text strategy in place will put you ahead of your competitors. The GREAT news is, Textmaxx Pro has a low-cost, totally compliant platform to assist you in maintaining an advantage in the marketplace. Remember, 99% of text recipients get the message, and 90% read the text within three minutes!

At Textmaxx Pro we can help you think through and adopt the best texting practices and strategies for your business — and we mean any business. Call or text us for a free consultation. We will assist in:

• Text enabling your business landline
• Stopping employees using personal phones for business texts
• Text marketing customers with the right message
• Engaging business prospects and converting them into buyers
• Positioning your SMS texting strategy to deliver results with measurable ROI

We have built SMS/MMS strategies for all types of business across the country. Call 866.367.6889 or text “PROS” to 95000. One of our SMS Strategy Specialists will arrange a free consultation for you.