We are all presented with more information on a daily basis than ever before. Given all the new devices pushing information to cloud-based services from smartphones, televisions, computers, refrigerators and cars, more data has been generated in the past three years than in all of human history, according to a recent study.

Phone calls, voicemail, email, mail, and a constant stream of information presents itself at least every hour of every day, if not more. Technology has fundamentally changed the way human beings communicate with each other and our things. Businesses who advertise and market to consumers are now faced with the challenge of getting noticed against the constant flow of information to the clients and prospects they want to reach, especially because these people are constantly on the move.

Here are some stats: Some 88 percent of business calls go unanswered. Only 18 percent of people listen to voicemails from phone numbers they don’t recognize, and only 33 percent listen to voicemails of business contacts. Of the 200 billion emails sent every day, 84 percent are considered spam, and 55 percent of all email users say they don’t open and read messages regularly or for business.

Texting, however, has caught up with face-to-face conversation. In a face-to-face meeting, people respond to a question within fractions of seconds. Texting is now a far-closer second than any other form of digital communication. 93 percent of SMS messages are read within 10 minutes and a return text is usually sent within 20 minutes.

Businesses have been slow to react to this powerful communication transformation. Only 14 percent of businesses employ a texting platform to communicate with clients and prospects, and with their own employees. Developing a fully legal and regulatory compliant strategy to use this powerful communication tool will give a business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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