Imagine a marketing platform that still has exclusive Keywords available for your business. You no longer have to ask your customers to remember terms like text “CHEEZBUGRS” to opt into your diner or “WILDHONDASRQ” to get service alerts for their vehicles because BURGER, HONDA and even BEER are all available with TextMaxx Pro’s short code 95000.

Wait, maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about Keywords. Keywords are the Goose to your Maverick when it comes to your text message marketing.

A Keyword is specific to the texting provider’s short code and can be assigned to only one business user (aka YOU). Our short code is 95000; and it’s a NEW code so Keywords are endless. Many short codes are shared among texting providers – meaning if the keyword you are looking for is already being used by another SMS provider on that shared short code, you are out of luck. Textmaxx Pro runs on our proprietary short code 95000, offering you a huge variety of Keyword options to safely and easily reach your audience to enable text opt-ins, organize your outgoing marketing campaigns, and track results.

So why is something super easy to remember and specific to your business important in a text message Keyword? Do you consider having a logo important? Or a website URL with your business name included? It’s all about building your brand. Once you start moving too far away from the consistent messaging you have built with your customers you create confusion. Keep It Simple Stupid and get with a text communications platform that can support your brand and its customer messaging, not one that asks you to adapt due to its lacking Keyword availability.

To get a run down on our Keyword availability text “Pro” (that’s our Keyword) to 95000.