Here’s Why:

  • Deals, Promos, Upcoming Events
    • 99% are Opened
    • 90% Read in 3 minutes
    • 40% Respond within 15 minutes
  • High Conversion Rates
    • 89% Prefer to Text with Businesses
    • 40% higher conversion rate over those not texted
    • 300-800% prefer texting to face-to-face communications (all generations)

To take advantage of text message advertising and marketing, selecting the right SMS Platform, like Textmaxx Pro, is critical. You can use a toll-free number, a simple short code with five numerical characters. You should text-enable your existing landline, VoIP, or toll-free number, so your sales team members can communicate via text from their computers or smart phones.

You’ll want a fully TCPA compliant platform, such as Textmaxx Pro as well. You have the ability to text everyone with smartphone, but you must have permission from them before you may.

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